The world has changed. No, I'm not just talking about recent events like the shutdown, PPE, and the unfortunate team shortage we are dealing with across the country.

This change started years earlier, and has been growing at an exponential rate. It has swept and remade many industries and is now beating down the door of our practices.

The Patient First Manifesto dives into the force changing dentistry and how to harness it to drive unbelievable growth in your practice, and why it is absolutely easier, faster and cheaper than you'd expect.

The Patient First Manifesto Book Cover


"Bravo Dr. Bryan Laskin! The Patient First Manifesto has laid the foundation of ‘must do’s’ for anyone leading a successful practice in today’s modern world."

-Pam Borton

"In a few short pages, Dr. Laskin has perfectly summed up the disconnect that exists between the practice of dentistry and the business of dentistry. With short stories and simple tips along the way, he bridges that gap and not only shows you how to massively improve your business, but also how to future proof your practice by leveraging technology and efficiency."

-Mike Cruz

"This book will be read by all of our Team here at White Bear Smiles, and inspire us to do even more to help our patients. The Patient First Manifesto is a great book for Dentistry moving forward."

-Paul Anderson, DDS

" You’ve done a marvelous job and if you were a professor, your class would be sold out. Not sure if you teach on the side, but you should."

-Kelcey Trefethen

"This book isn't just a glimpse into the future of healthcare, it's the roadmap to get there."

-Kristi Piehl

"Dr. Bryan Laskin’s The Patient Manifesto, has come just in time to save dentistry from itself! Written with humility and guts, Dr. Laskin lays out how we got here as an industry and what we can do to pivot our POV.”

-Angelique Swann

"Vital and indispensable. The Patient First Manifesto is a must-read for dentists who want to take it to the next level”

-Pedram Nastaean

"Fantastic! A must-read for all participants in dental tech!"

-Aleh Matus

"I think the book is fantastic! A very personal experience of successful tools to bring your practice to greatness!"

-Janel Fish

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